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MetLife to Pay $25 Million FINRA Penalty over Variable Annuities

The courts agree:  Variable Annuities are to investors what Velveeta is to cheese. MetLife to Pay $25 Million Finra Penalty Over Variable Annuities MetLife Inc., one of the best-known brands in life insurance, misled tens of thousands of customers about a product that retirees seek out for safety, according to regulators, who levied a near-record $25 million fine […]

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McClure Investment Management, LLC 2014 2Q Market Commentary Now that the World Cup is over, (What’s to become of the stadiums?) we can go back to ignoring soccer for another four years.  That should leave us plenty of time to talk about the market.  After a very strong (+29%) 2013 the equity markets have apparently […]

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Buy! Sell! Faster, Faster

McClure Investment Management, LLC 2014 1Q Market Commentary For a market that hasn’t gone much of anywhere (+1.30% for the first quarter of 2014) there sure has been lots of yelling and screaming going on.  Let’s look at where the noise has been coming from: High Frequency Traders Author Michael Lewis’ appearance on 60 Minutes […]

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McClure Investment Management, LLC: 2013 4th Q Market Commentary

Happy New Year? McClure Investment Management, LLC 2013 4th Q Market Commentary February 7, 2014 After an exuberant 2013 that saw prices surge 29%, January was a letdown with prices falling 5.7% as of Monday.  But, by today’s close, after some reasonably strong jobs data (unemployment ↓, labor force participation ↑), the S&P 500 had […]

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Closed Enough for Government Work

McClure Investment Management, LLC, 3rd Q Market Commentary With the government shutdown in our present and the debt ceiling showdown in our immediate future we’re experiencing one of the most exciting Octobers on record.  But with all the volatility of the past two weeks the S&P 500 has yet to make a sustained move away, […]

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Robert McClure

Welcome to my blog! We’re almost there so come back soon for more details. Robert McClure founded McClure Investment Management in April 2001 as the antithesis to the large, multinational investment firms he had worked for since 1989. In addition to being the company’s sole portfolio manager, Bob is also an accomplished professor of finance at Cal […]

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